Digital doesn’t stand still. It’s constantly evolving. Best practice in coding, SEO, social media and eCommerce moves at a fast pace and so does Open. Our digital services promise the best in user experience.

We bring together imaginative design with the practical needs of clients. Yes, you can have a website that looks stunning but that also performs in terms of accessibility, SEO and customer journeys. You can have a digital marketing campaign that knows your audience and helps drive business, while keeping true to your brand or organisation uniqueness.

Targeted technology

Open’s digital team is built on solid foundations. We bind creativity to knowledge to bring great looking digital design that functions beyond the surface.

With the new website, we have been able to implement our marketing strategy to merge our ROI and UK businesses into one entity.
Originally, both sites had different designs and UIs, so presenting our group image consistently across both markets has already proven to be beneficial. Our custom-built CRM allows us to keep content current and we’re now migrating to one CMS platform with geo-targeting after securing a new domain. The ease with which we can update and edit in the CRM thanks to its intuitive design makes it much more efficient.
Since launching, we have seen a massive growth in users and more importantly, our bounce rate has dropped by 26%.
Feedback both internal and external has been positive since launch and our new sections including ‘Careers’, ‘Our People’ and ‘Our Sectors’ are proving to be the most frequently viewed. One of our goals was to showcase our team and focus on the human aspect of our company which is so important to our ethos, so we are delighted to see these results.

- Claire Galligan - Elliott Group Marketing Manager

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