Naming the Baby – Your Brand is Born

In spite of the frustration startups experience, coming up with a name is a straightforward process with the right creative team and the right approach. Ideally, your company name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the product or service you have developed. Never forget that your company name is the first thing to come out of your mouth every time you pitch your wares. Here’s a few of our top-line pointers to consider when naming your company or product.

Choose a name that appeals not only to you but also to the kind of customers you are trying to attract.

    • Don’t pick a name that is long or confusing.
    • Be evocative, not descriptive.
    • Start with your brand promise.
    • Stay away from puns that only you understand.


At a time when almost every existing word in the language has been trademarked, the option of coining a name is becoming more popular. We believe companies should give priority to real words or combinations of words over fabricated words. People prefer words they can relate to and understand. That’s why professional namers like ourselves universally condemn strings of numbers or initials as a bad choice.

Some businesses arrive at a final decision by going with their gut or by doing consumer research or testing with focus groups to see how the names are perceived. We like to sketch the idea of what each name will look like on either a sign or on business stationery to make it more real. Sometimes reading each name aloud, paying attention to the way it sounds if there might be radio advertising or telemarketing in your future.

Larger firms devote anywhere from six weeks to six months to the naming process. Smaller businesses generally don’t have that much time, but we recommend planning to spend at least a couple of weeks on selecting the name.
After all, it’s your baby…

Recent naming and branding projects include; Sarah’s Honey, and

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