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The Irish National Heritage Park is a cultural gem on the banks of the River Slaney in Wexford. Though long established in the local area, it has even greater potential to become one of the main visitor sites in the country. The team at The INHP knew they wanted a website fitting for their vision; from a new online booking system, to a wider audience and increased national and international visitors. Their new website delivers on each objective, by marrying the commercial, cultural and educational goals of a vital heritage service.

The Solutions

The new website is designed to bring a diverse range of users along. It’s intended for a global audience, while also being a resource for the local community. The UX needs to bring the prospective park visitor on a whistle-stop tour of all the park has to offer, without complications.

We put a focus on the wide target audience. One of the aims of the new website was to welcome local communities, families, school groups, and retirement clubs while also appealing to the international tourist. The language is designed to be clear to different ages and people for whom English is not their first language. It does this in a way that’s inclusive without being overly simplistic. In this respect we made it easy for users to see what’s on offer, without overwhelming them. Clear sections lead people to where they might want to go; whether it’s simply to make a booking or to discover events. At a glance the website visitor can see information on tours, experiences, the café or education.

Lead generation has been transformed by the website, with easy access to communicate with prospective groups and
visitors, via contact areas on the site. Predicting footfall has been dramatically enhanced, by the presence of online bookings. While visitors can still arrive without pre-booking online, it has become easier to gauge visitor numbers on any given day. This is vital to the future planning for services and staff levels. It also provides with easy to view data for the board of the park.

The online booking system has also meant that staff at the park have been able to focus on different areas of their work, moving away from phone-based bookings. This will have clear positive implications for return on investment, going into the future.

A focus on the website as a marketing tool is also of importance for the domestic and international markets. It has revitalised the profile of the Heritage Park. Visitors are viewing it as a destination venue, rather than a place they happen upon within the area. There has been an uptake in interest and queries from EU and US visitors in particular. The return on investment is not just limited to the park itself, but it is having an impact on local tourism. As people search for things to do and see, they are being brought to a website that links back to other amenities in Wexford and the South East.

Karen Keogh - CEO, National Irish Heritage Park

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