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It’s ironic in a Republic that ‘The Sport of Kings’ should be such a major part of the culture and landscape. No other industry reaches and touches the hearts of so many people. The Irish Thoroughbred Marketing Board is the international face of Irish racing, educating, informing, promoting and marketing horses and equestrian services at home and abroad. Our job was to capture the spirit of this unique organisation and convey the energy, emotion and pride it embodies.

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Horse racing is much more than a sport. It’s many things: a way of life, an aspiration, a hobby, a social event, a thrill, a chance for a flutter. We set out to create a website in which everyone could see themselves. A site filled with warm memories, familiar faces and exquisite bloodstock. We searched overflowing archives selecting shots and footage of famous wins, celebrity punters, winning trainers and notable owners, all with the Irish landscape as a backdrop.

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