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National Leprechaun Museum

A Museum of Leprechauns Magic, Myths & More…

Services Provided:

  • Illustration
  • User Experience
  • Website Design & Development


The National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland is dedicated to Irish mythology, folklore and stories. Open rejuvenated the museum’s online presence, with a brand new website format and user-friendly booking system, all fitting for a city centre story-telling gem.

The Solutions

Open brought the full creative, technical and marketing skills of our whole team together to think about unexpected and inventive ways of showcasing the unique place.
Objectives centred around:
• Showcasing the museum as a vital destination in Dublin
• Creation of an interactive site with movement and a sense of wonder
• Introduction of a new user friendly booking system
• Creation of bespoke art and illustration on the website
• Highlighting the museum as a storytelling centre of excellence
• Placing the museum as a fun cultural hotspot
• Installation of a fun and engaging online user journey

A fun experience! Some lovely touches and attention to detail.

IDI Judges - IDI Awards 2023

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