How a Bespoke Website can make all the difference

Your business website is very often the first port of call for potential customers and clients. That old adage about first impressions lasting, rings true when it comes to your online presence. You want your website to look good and you also need it to do the things your business needs, like driving business itself. A bespoke website is one that’s specifically designed for your needs. There are some very good reasons to consider having a tailor made site that covers all the bases, rather than buying a generic template.

There are a lot of template websites available; off the shelf options which often have a limited range in terms of colour or design. While they can be handy for small projects or websites that you don’t intend to change much, they might not fit the bill if you want your website to truly reflect your business. Template sites are quite rigid in design. You get the template and you insert your content, so there isn’t much room for manoeuvre if you want to add or change anything to suit your business needs. You fit around the pre-formatted design rather than the design being tailor made for you.

Your website is where you show off your business or service and it probably deserves to be looked at in a lot more depth. Working with a designer or team, you can choose exactly what you want. You get the expertise and skills of professionals rather than a one-size fits all site. One size doesn’t really fit all when it comes to your online presence. So, before thinking about a website template, ask yourself if it will portray your business as you like. Think about how it compares to a bespoke site in terms of look and feel and if it really fits the bill. Look at competitors. Look at your sector. The websites you like the best are probably tailor made for the client. To compete you may need to do the same and get a design that reflects your distinct business and not one that looks the same as 100s of others. Think about design and make it fit your needs.

One of the appeals of website templates is that some of them are free, but many aren’t. You make a once-off payment and off you go. Sounds great and it can be for simple or non-detailed sites. What if you want to make a change? Your template might not enable this or it may be difficult to do. What about website security? Is there any protection built in? Possibly not. If you want to add an online shop, what then? If you plan on creating a new site, think about all the costs involved on an ongoing basis, rather than seeing it as a product you buy and leave. Most likely you will need the skills of a designer to change things like buttons or functions in the site, so will have additional costs anyway.

If you are serious about your business, you need to be equally so about how your business works online. If you invest in a site designed for your business, you get what comes with that. This means the hours of a dedicated design team, security expertise, online shop skills, content writers and marketing expertise. Making your site work to attract site visits, to sell products or generate leads is core to why you have a website in the first place.

Often template sites cannot provide more than a surface level service. You pay your money and take your chances. Your website can be a vital tool in not only getting noticed but earning revenue too. Investing in good design, infrastructure and a bespoke site will very likely be cheaper in the long run.

If you are considering a bespoke website, check out just some of our projects, for a snapshot of what a tailor made site can do for your business.

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