5 Key Reasons to Refresh Your Brand

1. Responding to a Changing Marketplace

Customer and market tastes are quickly changing so the channels you use to communicate are changing too, and you must adapt accordingly. It’s only natural that your brand should evolve alongside these factors. A brand refresh is critical to maintaining and even earning relevancy in a changing marketplace.

2. Reaching the Right Audience

You’ve decided that your business needs to reach a specific audience in a more meaningful way. A newly vibrant look and feel when introduced will evoke diversity and expressiveness, effectively expanding your reach and resetting existing customer expectations.

3. Your Online and Offline Branding don’t align

Consistency is a key element to a successful marketing strategy. It’s easy for print and digital assets to become disjointed since they’re usually overseen by different marketing segments. Aligning both digital and print marketing strategies is essential to brand visibility and overall customer buy-in.

4. Maintaining Growth

The jolt of new energy from a visual revamp is enough to get customers to take note. A fresh design can lead the way for an entirely new campaign strategy, giving your business something to say that’s not gimmicky or too salesman-like. A newly refreshed visual communications plan could be just what’s needed to bring customers out of the woodwork, rejuvenate sales, beat out the competition, and create renewed motivation companywide.

5. Clarifying the Vision

It doesn’t matter if your services have remained the same for years, or you release new products every quarter: Your marketing efforts should be evaluated on a continual basis. Every company should be evolving in response to the market, and chances are that if a logo hasn’t been revamped in years, it may not reflect what the core vision of the company is now. When an organization’s visual branding ties back to its services, it can help customers easily understand what the company offers and builds on brand loyalty. A brand refresh is a powerful tool for an internal team. Look at the process as a way to fine-tune your brand and understand it better.
While a rebrand is a total reset, the exercise of a ‘brand refresh’ allows an organisation to highlight its unique position in the marketplace, reinforce its value, and gain a new perspective for what lies ahead.

Summary of 5 Key Factors

  • Responding to a Changing Marketplace
  • Improving your Audience Reach
  • Brand Alignment (Online & Offline)
  • Maintaining Growth
  • Clarifying the Company Vision

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