Open Design for a New Look Nutgrove Retail Park

Open Design and Digital rebranding Nutgrove Retail Park, from logos to wayfinding; bringing a fresh look to the complex.

New Look Nutgrove

Nutgrove Retail Park is home to a large range of home and lifestyle stores along with a diverse range of services from gyms and healthcare to cafés and grocery shopping. The retail park is currently undergoing a makeover with JDDG Architects bringing a new look to the exterior which will “brighten the car park and surrounding exterior spaces, with the addition of new signage, landscaping and lights, to give a colourful green space with functionality and storage in mind”. This is where Open Design and Digital comes in. We’re collaborating with JDDG by designing new Nutgrove Retail Park brand logos, signage and giving a fresh look to their visual communication.

Designing the New Logo

We wanted to create something which stood out from other shopping brands in the Rathfarnham, Churchtown and Nutgrove areas, when designing the new Nutgrove Retail Park logo and branding. A simple but bright mix of colour and clear lines brings a fresh and bright welcome to the complex. A combination of reds, yellows and vibrant tones grabs the attention and clearly defines the brand for the shops, businesses and services. From new entrance signs to logos around the park, shoppers have an easily recognisable brand which brings the diverse stores and services under one retail banner.

Wayfinding in Nutgrove

A key part to the redesign of the Nutgrove Retail Park open spaces and exteriors, is making sure that shoppers and business customers can easily navigate their way around. We’re streamlining communication to shoppers, creating a clear and easy to read wayfinding system, which gets people where they need to go. Good signposting can make all the difference to businesses and customers looking for each other. As soon as you enter the retail park, on foot or by car, you get clear information about where you want to go

From new business listings to straightforward directions, finding your way around is easier than before. Nutgrove Retail Park not only has free on-site parking at ground level, but another 440 free spaces underground. New signage and directions mean that customers are more aware of the extensive parking underground and that it’s free to use. The new Nutgrove Retail Park logo and branding is fresh, welcoming and attention-grabbing; all the things you need to get noticed and to make shopping and parking easier for customers.

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