Open Joins The Green Tech Revolution

At Open we’ve been thinking about our carbon footprint and what we, as a business, can do to reduce it. Enter Techies Go Green, a movement of companies striving to decarbonise businesses, based here in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in central Dublin. Started in March 2021, it’s a collection of companies aiming to reduce environmental impact in their own workplaces and by the way they work.

Open Design and Digital is now one of the signatories of Techies Go Green, as we plan our carbon reduction into the future. What does this look like? How can small and medium businesses get involved in sustainability at work? Who are Techies Go Green and how can they help along the way?

Techies Go Green, Guiding Change

Techies Go Green is a “movement of tech-oriented companies, along with support and service providers who are committed to decarbonising their businesses”. It started out in 2021 with the aim to build awareness and education among companies in relation to climate and sustainability. By the end of the year there were over 150 companies signed up to the ethos. There are now over 350 companies, including Open Design and Digital, involved in promoting greener ways of doing business. Among the signatories there are small, medium and large companies in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the US, India, Australia and a range of other countries. Techies Go Green co-founder Michael O’Hara hopes the number of companies joining the movement will rise to over 600 in the near future, as awareness increases.

How can Techies Go Green help? The first thing O’Hara recommends is to think about measuring your business’s carbon footprint. He says “When you measure your carbon footprint you have the basis to take the steps to reduce carbon production and go on the road to carbon neutrality”. Every business can make a difference by the way they approach work and Techies Go Green can educate, advise and recommend experts to help along the way; vital in finding out what your carbon footprint is and how to reduce it.

Cutting Your Company Carbon

Even small business can make a difference when it comes to reducing our overall environmental impact. From looking at energy consumption in your office to the carbon footprint of staff commuting to work, there are small changes that can add up. How sustainable is your website? Can you reduce image sizes online and energy use with it? There are a range of actions you can take to minimise the environmental effect of your day to day work and technology will definitely be part of that solution.

Michael O’Hara of Techies Go Green in an interview with Open Design and Digital, makes the point that “technology itself will play a major role in cutting emissions” and that “every business needs to be sustainable because in the future the only businesses will be sustainable ones.” O’Hara and his co-founders in Techies Go Green hope to, in the future, confirm verifiable sustainable businesses of the part of the network, certifying businesses as such. The goal is for businesses to aim for carbon neutrality as close to 2030 as possible. Open Design and Digital strives to be an integral part of the growing movement delivering real changes for good in the workplace.

Open’s Sustainability Pledge

Open Design and Digital is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, through greener practice and sustainability goals. Becoming a greener company matters to us and we know it matters to people and businesses we work with. We will be focussing on everything from energy consumption to more sustainable ways of producing digital and physical products for our client base.

We will work with our clients on reducing carbon emissions on both digital and print projects. Over the coming months and years, we will be actively reducing our environmental impact and helping our clients reduce theirs.

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