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Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast Roll: a hit song, a stalwart hangover treatment and now a home delivery option. Our challenge was to create video content for social media and elsewhere, that communicated the product and how to get it.

Our approach is collaborative, so the first thing to do was to see what everybody wanted. Pat was happy for us to go away and come back with some ideas. Focussing on a target audience which was largely 20-30-year-old males, we developed a number of different approaches, designed to capitalise on Pat’s profile as an actor and comedian.

Some approaches used Pat’s talents, others didn’t. Of the initial ideas that were presented, a route was chosen. We had also rewritten the lyrics of the song to describe the new offering, which Pat took away and recorded.

The chosen route featured Pat as a chef preparing dishes at various locations around Ireland. When his efforts go wrong, he advises viewers to order online instead. The multiple locations and cooking context were designed to underline the Irishness, the target group and the breadth of availability.


Taking the agreed treatment, and feedback from around the table, we developed 6 scripts and accompanying storyboards, which were agreed and then filmed. Efficiently, effectively and economically. With everyone kept in the picture from the get-go, there were no surprises or shocks along the way.

Once the final edits were approved, Hot Sauce managed the media rollout across social media.

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