Sharper Brand. Better Targeting.

Just like the business it represents, a brand must stand on its own two feet and clearly display its objectives and strengths. And, when a brand’s personality, palette and livery are properly are at their sharpest, it becomes a powerful asset working on behalf of the business.

Conversely, an inconsistent brand that’s at odds with the product or service behind it, prevents that business from achieving its full potential. Why? Because your brand is the intermediary that meets your target audience before you do, giving first impressions and helping to explain your offering and your relevance to their lives and their needs.

At Open, brands are at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re designing a digital experience, crafting a marketing campaign or undertaking a brand development project, we start by asking questions: Who are we talking to? What do we want them to do? Who else is talking to them? Through this breakout branding process, we interrogate the brand, assessing its strength and appropriateness for the job at hand. This enables us to develop a toolbox of effective materials and collateral that will maximise the potential power your brand gives to your business.

As a key connection between your business, your personnel, your customers, your suppliers and the media, your brand is part of your DNA. So, any change to that brand should not be undertaken lightly. That’s why we involve all stakeholders in our branding projects, ensuring that personnel feel ownership of, and belief in, the resulting work.

A strong, effective brand is built on a coherent, relevant strategy, a vision of where the brand can take a business. That strategy will include a voice, a personality and an ambition, elements that those within the business can identify with, and those outside the business can recognise and understand. These elements inform every corner of the business from HR to marketing, from packaging to distribution.

Whether your brand is in perfect shape, in need of refreshment, a revamp or replacement, we ask the important questions and deliver the most effective solutions – on brand, on message, on target.

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