Why bespoke website development

When you are looking for a new website there are a number of factors to consider…

  • What does your customer want/need from your website?
  • What are your business objectives that would be enhanced or delivered through your website?
  • Have you defined the target audience?
  • Who is going to create and collate the content for the new website?
  • When you have some of these questions answered you need to consider the type of website you need. Its it a brochure site delivering information and validation, an e-commerce site that will drive sales or a business site that creates conversions from leads through to service sales?

We work with companies to help them through this process and define a clear brief before we ever start the whole UX or UI design process. As it’s  this information that helps us and the client to outline the project scope and start to define the blocks of information.

What does this all have to do with Bespoke Website Development?

We approach any project from the point of view that your business goals and path to success should not be constrained by an off the shelf template. We work with the client to help them define the sitemap and information architecture so that when it comes to the build, we have all the right blocks in place ready to deploy the content.

We create your website bespoke to your business needs. This means that we don’t reach for templates that we would then have to hack into shape. We work with the client to tease out current and future goals. Building a bespoke website means we have greater flexibility and control over everything. We can create a robust website that is future proofed for many years to come. The website can grow as your business grows. Bespoke designs allow for flexibility when adding new functionality too.

A bespoke website template build also means we can work with trusted CMS systems like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Contentful, Magento and many others. It also means that we can leverage new approaches to website development like headless CMS, where the front end website is not tied directly to the CMS or data stack which can give greater flexibility when building at scale with many moving parts.

Modular content blocks?

When we define the content structure of your website, we create what we call modular content blocks. These blocks can be anything from blocks of text and images, header area with image, video or slider, call to actions, featured news or articles, general page content or FAQs; in fact anything that makes up your website. These modular blocks are then available for you to use throughout the website. So if you decide after the website is live that you want to add content into a page or create a new page, all these content blocks are available to you. In doing this we are able to create a website for you that is easy to manage and it will always look like it was originally designed.

Will it take longer?

Does a bespoke build mean that it takes longer to build your website with this approach? The simple answer is in general, yes. It can take longer but you need to weigh that against the money you are spending and the product you receive at the end of the project. A bespoke website is tailored to you and your business; is that not worth a little extra time to make sure it’s best in class?

Here are a few benefits of  bespoke website development:

  • It’s bespoke to your business
  • Scalable & extendible for years to come
  • Simpler to integrate third party CRMs (CloudFlare, ZOHO, HubSpot)
  • Keep the CMS simple and intuitive to edit/add content
  • Less reliant on 3rd party themes or plugins for updates

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