Emotion Media

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  • Digital Media
  • Website Design & Development


As the saying goes ‘Stand still and you’re history’. Emotion Media’s challenge was the opposite – they operate in a sector that moves so fast it’s often hard for potential clients to keep up. On top of that, Emotion Media is a leader in the sector so they are shaping tomorrow. Emotion Media plan, specify, install and provide content for media screens and devices – from mobile phones, to instore display screens, to digital billboards. They approached Open with the challenge of explaining what they do today, while leaving visitors to the site with a hint of tomorrow.

The Solutions

We set out to show the limitless possibilities of Emotion Media’s work by showing every step of the process. From blue screen studio shoots to satellite zooms, on screen design to hardware installation, screens of all kinds – large and small – to exterior displays and projections. Before visitors to the site have read a sentence of the text they are already aware of the breadth of Emotion Media’s work. We then broke down their offering into Digital Signage, Creative Services and Managed Services, to provide opportunities for visitors to see how work can be applied. Finally, nothing speaks louder than a client list – a band across the screen shows Emotion Media’s very impressive list of previous clients.

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