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After several years of growth, expansion, change and significant success, aircraft leasing company Jackson Square Aviation felt it was time to take their brand into the hangar to evaluate and refresh their brand. Their considerable success is evidence that there’s a great deal right about the brand but how clearly defined was it and how dependent was it on the personalities currently at the controls?

The Solutions

Through a series of workshops, we distilled the essence of the brand so that we could define its personality. Simply put, the JSA brand reflects the flight crew on an aircraft: calm, professional, committed, honest, dependable and experienced. We held onto the core theme of the identity, streamlining and polishing it as required, before applying it to the all-new website we designed for JSA.

Generally the feedback we have received to date on our newly refreshed website has all been very positive. Internally, staff members have really embraced and welcomed the website update, many felt it was long overdue as our previous website had been created around 2010 and, obviously, technology has advanced a lot since then.

Open really impressed us with their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail in helping get this over the line, from mood boarding and fine tuning concept designs, to an exceptional execution leading up to going live. The new website has been a breath of fresh air for our team internally and the brand refresh has given everyone a new sense of optimism and excitement about JSA’s future. The old website was very stale and very hard to edit and update content. With our new website, Open ensured that editing and updating would no longer be an issue going forward. The new website is much more user friendly, something we had highlighted as very important in our brief. It uses WordPress which is extremely easy to publish content on.

All-in-all, from all the feedback we have received to date, our new website is referred to as: clean, fresh, modern, eye catching, has great attention to detail, nice design and imagery, and helps us stand out from our competitors. It’s very easy to navigate and has a nice balance between text and images, which is really important in a website, as too much text risks losing the audience’s attention. This important balance encourages users to stay on the site a lot longer.

Above all, Open have been a pleasure to work with and really listened to all of our requests carefully to ensure they were all met. Open have really exceeded our expectations with the finished website and we are proud to showcase this to our current and future customers for them to easily access our latest company stats and news. We are delighted to have an attractive and flexible asset here, that can easily be edited and further developed long in to the future, while still remaining fresh and modern.

Anne-Marie Best - Marketing and Brand Communications, Jackson Square Aviation

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