Should Your brand be thinking more about User Experience?

If you’re asking yourself if your brand should be taking a bit more time to look at user experience and UX design, the answer is probably yes. Whether you’re running a small business and website or a larger company maximising your online presence, you might need to think a lot more about the people who use your site and how you can make that experience simpler and more beneficial to you both. User experience (UX) in essence is about making life easier and more satisfying for the people using your product, usually your website or app. It makes good business sense to have a focus on UX and there are lots of reasons why.

Business Benefits of Good UX Design

How many times have you gone to a website and found yourself on a labyrinthine tour, trying to find what should be easy to find but isn’t? It shouldn’t be that hard. If you have a company or organisation website, taking a bit of time to employ good UX processes can make all the difference.

A well-designed user experience makes it easier for people to find what they want or need on your site, with a few simple actions. Concentrating on how someone will use your website and complete actions will bring benefit. Making it effortless for someone to buy your product online or find one of your services, is more likely to result in sales or services being sought. It makes economic sense to make sure that using your website is hassle free.

Design with the User in Mind

Good UX design is all about thinking like a website user, not just a website owner. What would work well for a business owner or organisation and their client or audience? Good UX research will look into who your target audience is, how they want to use a site like yours and how planning a user journey can deliver the results you’re looking for.

The user journey is paramount and if you employ good UX principles you can make visiting your site a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. Think about what the user could do, that will bring value, like engaging more with the website or coming back because the site has what they need. All of this can lead to increased conversion rates and hopefully increased revenue or interaction with the service you provide.

Make Your Website Easy to Use

Good user research and UX design can help you engage with more people. Your audience could be diverse, with different abilities or challenges. Make your site accessible for everyone. This not only includes your current audience, but people who may have up to now, not engaged because the font wasn’t easily recognised by their screen reader or because information wasn’t clear. The user experience is about all users and organisations who think about a wide range of possibilities, will undoubtedly have a headstart on their competition.

UX as a Tool for Your Organisation

Good user experience research and execution need not only be about your website. It can provide you with real insight into who your client or audience base is and crucially, who it could be in the future. Using UX as a tool within your organisation, has the added benefit of giving you vital information about where not only your online presence is going, but the core functions of your business too.

You can cut down on developer time and costs with good UX planning. By creating more accurate design based on user experience principles, you can save in terms of hours and money. A good UX process can aid innovation and change in an efficient manner.

A positive user experience could lead to a better perception of your brand and service. You can gain a better understanding of your users. It can increase customer loyalty and broaden your user base. It also makes for a better experience for your audience, so it’s a win for you, your clients and your business.

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